Hello, I’m Warwick Janetzki. Before you work with someone I believe that it is important that you know a bit about them. One of the first bloggers that I discovered and followed was a Romanian by the name of Dragos Roua. He’s a Romanian author. In one of his blog posts, he posted ’33 Questions for An Interview With Yourself.’

I gained quite a lot from doing this interview. It taught me a lot about myself. Consequently, I believe that it is important, to me, to revisit these questions on a semi-regular basis. It’s fascinating to see how we, as human beings, change over time.

In my first Growphasis blog posts, I have decided to share the answers to these questions with you. I hope that it helps you to get to know me a little bit. May it help guide you in your decision of whether to give Growphasis an opportunity to emphasize your growth!


Warwick Janetzki Self-Interview

What Do You Do for a Living?

I have worked in and around marketing companies for the past 14 years of my professional career. At regular intervals, clients, peers, and acquaintances have requested that I launch what Growphasis is today. Therefore, as of today, I can proudly say that what I do for a living is help people and organizations grow.

I also run the Aussie Report website. This is a venture that I am having quite a lot of fun with. I’d like to invite you to list your business and profile on the site. Therefore, please contact me and we can arrange this!

Who Do You Love?

I love my family and my friends, and my dogs. These are the most basic things and are unconditional as they should be.

I have a powerful love for the people and the organizations within our global community who are unafraid to stand up for what they believe in. More importantly, I love people and organizations who aspire to be better than what they are now and are unafraid to work for it.

Stand up for what you believe in

Stand up for what you believe in

Do You Have Enough Money?

I believe that I make enough money that I don’t need to overcharge people for the work that we do. Unfortunately, what I see happen on a too common basis is companies not knowing how to charge fairly. The problem is that those people paying for digital services don’t know enough to know when and they’re overpaying. Consequently, it’s important to me that Growphasis charges fairly for the work that we do. I believe that It’s impossible to realize your growth potential when your expenses are higher than what they should be.

Are You Healthy?

My health could be improved. However, it is something that I am happy to say that I am working on. As with many things in life, it’s a gradually developing process.

Do You Think You Are a Good Person?

Fundamentally, yes. However, I do believe that I have room to grow and to better myself significantly. Academically and professionally I am doing well. Having completed three degrees and worked for and with several major corporations around the world would suggest that. However, now it is time for me to focus on Growphasis and establishing the rest of my life.

How Old Are You?

I turn 38 in the middle of January 2018. Therefore, I’m currently 37 but very much closer to my 38th birthday than my 37th. On most days I feel several years younger than what my birth certificate says. However, when I overwork myself and lose sleep I can be a grumble.

If I were to ask others they would suggest that I’m still a baby-faced youngster. In fact, recently on a dating website, I was accused by someone my age that I looked 25 and that they would report me for a deceiving profile. Thanks for the compliment!

Growphasis Warwick Janetzki

Do I really look 25?

Who’s is Your Best Friend?

My best friend is my ex-girlfriend. Ainslie has supported me through a lot of stuff over the past decade. Therefore, I am indebted to her and supportive of whatever she does with her life. She deserves happiness and has earned it. She’s an incredible young woman who has been nominated as an Australian Local Hero of the Year nominee in the Australia Day awards. A sincerely beautiful human being and someone society can respect and admire.

What’s Your Childhood Dream?

My father was an amateur champion boxer and played for North Melbourne in the VFL (pre-World War Two). He won the Maribyrnong River long distance swimming. My cousin played for Carlton when I was growing up. Therefore, my childhood dream was to be a professional athlete. Unfortunately, I developed chronic fatigue syndrome just as I was showing signs of becoming an athlete.

Thankfully enough, however, I was able to work in professional basketball for several years both here and abroad. Therefore, in some roundabout way, I can claim that I got to live my childhood dream to at least a certain extent.

How Often Do You Laugh?

As they say, laughter is the best medicine. I try to have a laid-back and easy-going attitude. Laughter happens quite frequently. I’m not afraid to laugh at my own shortcomings. I believe that this is important. Unfortunately, when I am highly stressed I can lose my bearings and the laughter gets thrown out of the window. Consequently, this is one of the areas that I am trying to improve in my life. I’m not an angry person but rather someone who is too intense, at times.

Warwick Janetzki - Laughter

Laughter truly is the best medicine

What Makes You Smile?

This is a question that I recently responded to on Reddit. The answer is simple. The thing that makes me smile the most is helping other people and receiving a nod of appreciation. I gain enormous satisfaction from knowing that I have done well by others. In actuality, this is the primary reason why I’m launching Growphasis, I know that I have the right mixture of experience and skills to help people and their organizations grow. It is something that I am passionate about. Consequently, I’d rather spend my time on seeing people reach the pinnacle in what they are doing. By doing this I believe that I will also realize my own potential.


I’d like to take this moment to say thank you for reading this opening blog entry for Growphasis. Please visit our deals page and contact me regarding your next project. I’d love to work with you and emphasize your growth!


Warwick Janetzki

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