Hello everyone. In yesterday’s post, I gave you five reasons why you need a web presence. However, as I also explained a web presence encapsulates multiple tools. Those are your website and your social media accounts, for the most part. You can have a web presence without having individual components. For example, you could have a website but ignore social media and vice versa. Although I believe you would be silly to ignore one completely, it’s open to debate and for a different time.

Today, I want to delve into why you should specifically have a website established for your business.

It’s Both Cost-Effective and Income Generating

Until now you may have heard how prohibitively expensive a professional web design package may be. I understand that this can be a truly scary prospect. However, the reality of the situation is that once you’ve paid for these expenses the actual maintenance and ongoing service is very cheap. A good website can cost under $100 per month after it goes live. If you compare this to other marketing expenses, such as the time limited placement of ads in newspapers, this is a genuinely cost-effective marketing channel.

Additionally, a well-designed website is not only cost-effective, but it generates a continual stream of genuine leads. It’s the digital version of putting out that newspaper ad without the burden of paying for it every time you want to advertise!

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A Website Increases the Value of your Business

One of the primary benefits of having a website for your business is that it increases the value of the business. This one is straightforward. Because your website drives traffic which in turn drives sales and cash flow to your brick and mortar store. Further, your website is a revenue-generating online piece of real estate adding to the overall capital of your assets.

Although your company may benefit from an e-commerce solution, you don’t need to have one to gain these benefits.

Websites Increase Value

Websites increase the value of your business

Be Instantly Accessible 24/7

Your website is available to your customers around the clock. Very rarely will your site be inaccessible to your customers. They can connect to you whenever they like and almost wherever they are. This is a large departure from the physical world. This provides convenience and generates leads that your business may otherwise be unable to acquire.

It Builds Credibility and Influence

One of the easiest ways to become known as the thought leader in your area is through your website.  Your influence helps you to create a competitive advantage within your area. Your website helps convince people that you are legitimate. A well-structured website creates the credibility you need to generate sales and confidence in your customers.

A Website Helps Achieve Business Goals

When considering what content to put on your website you will need to assess it against the goals of your business. Therefore, a business website will help clarify the goals of your business. Consequently, you will gain a greater understanding of your business. This will help to accomplish your major business goals.

Websites help achieve business goals

Websites help achieve business goals

It Builds a Competitive Advantage

The world is ultra-competitive. Dog eat dog. It is important that you need take advantage of every possible channel that can give you an advantage. You control the message that your current and future customers can see.

You Can Keep Your Customers Informed

When you host a blog (essentially an online diary) you can keep your customers informed. Do you have exciting news about your business? Are you looking to promote a new deal? Write a newsletter or a press release and make it available on your website. Customers really appreciate when they know what’s going on with the organizations that they utilize.

If you have press releases and other copy that you’re looking to write, please consider our copywriting and professional writing services!

It Empowers Your Networking Efforts

We all know how important networking is in today’s business world. What once was a treasure trove for in-person networking meetings is now quickly becoming digitalized. Networking has always created word of mouth advertising. When you have a website, it gives those within your network somewhere to send prospective leads to online. Your business needs to take advantage of this added opportunity!

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Websites empower digital networking

Your website empower your networking efforts

It Serves as a Primary Marketing and Advertising Tools

There is nothing that works as actively as a website regarding marketing and advertising. The best things about it are that you control the message. Further, you’re not competing with other companies for vision in the same space. You know that when someone is on your website that they want you! You simply need to present them with the message that connects to them and you have a new customer!

Your company site enables you to showcase who you are in ways that you never have before!

You can Increase your Market to Gain New Customers

The unfortunate truth is that you physically can’t be everywhere at once. This means that your physical market is narrow. A website broadens your market and increases it exponentially. Therefore, you open yourself up to an increased potential customer base.

Your Website Empowers Time Management

By having the content that your customers are looking for it saves you both time. That’s because you’re not having to answer every question that they may have. Simply have a FAQ component of your website or host pages that present the information your customers require. This is a significant bonus as time is money!

Improve Your Customer Service

Your website will contain a contact us section. This provides customers with the ability to ask you questions, raise issues with your products or service, and provide you feedback. This enables you to improve your customer satisfaction. By doing this you are encouraging repeat customers. Further, great customer service generates word of mouth advertising. Consequently, this is free marketing that works to strengthen your business.

Furthermore, having a website makes it so much easier to have a business e-mail address. Although not always necessary when you have an e-mail address with your business handle (@yourbusiness) most customers will expect you to have a website attached. It’s also much more professional to have a business email address than using a free email provider.

Customer Service - Website

Your website will aide your customer service


Our team has over 20-years of experience in developing websites for individuals, businesses and all sorts of organizations. We’d love to help you connect with your customers. Take advantage of our free web design package today!

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