In today’s blog, I will be discussing my personal favorite service that Growphasis offers, digital networking. The Growphasis, first of its kind, digital networking program can significantly benefit your organization.

What is Networking?

Networking is the process of establishing mutually beneficial relationships with other business, customers, and clients. This helps you by creating word of mouth advertising. Your organization benefits from increased brand awarness followed by new customers.

Digital networking works the same way. We have taken a traditional practice online. We have done this because of the significance of the Internet today. Everybody is online. The Internet has become the world’s most vital source of information sharing. This is true for local as well as global communities.

Digital Networking is More Than Just Facebook

It takes much more than Facebook to be successful at digital networking. The good news, however, is that all of the activities and commitments you make produce positive results.

When you purchase a Digital Networking subscription from Growphasis, we work with you to produce successful results. These acttivites include:

Listed Directories

We begin by creating your own profile page on our website. You will also get a free premium listing on our sister site, Aussie Report. These directory listings will help you show up in more Internet search results.

Aussie Report Digital Networking

Aussie Report will boost your traffic

Social Media Promotion

Secondly, we will begin promoting your organization through our social media channels. Additionally, we will promote you throughout our partner social media channels that will be beneficial to you.

Third, we will include you in our social media promotions. These promotions are geared towards generating increasing social media followers. This is a fantastic way in which you will generate transformative level leads.

We create these campaigns to be set to a monthly and weekly schedule.

Digital Networking Invitations

Subsequently, you will be invited to our exclusive digital networking groups. By doing this we are providing you a golden opportunity to join likeminded people and organizations.

In the past, this has created powerful partnerships between businesses. You may offer a product or a service that will help another organization sell theirs and vice versa. The result improves both of your bottom lines and increases your customer base.

Unique and Shared Content

We create advertising materials that ensure the success of partner promotions. Some of this material will be utilized by one organization while the others will receive content uniquely their own. The point of this is to ensure consistent marketing material beneficial for all parties.

An example of this content is our coupon program. We will create coupons that promote your business and can be included at point of sale for other organizations. Simply create a promotion and our partners will happily give their customers a coupon advertising your product or services.

Content is King - Digital Networking

Content is king, even in digital networking

What are the Quantifiable Benefits?

What I’ve outlined may sound good to you. However, you need the facts on the result. I’m more than happy to share the quantifiable benefits of Growphasis digital networking with you. There are four primary benefits. The amount of success will vary between businesses. However, it essentially boils down to how dedicated you are to our program. The more you contribute the greater your return on your investment.

The four primary benefits are:

  • Generating qualified leads — every time you’re a part of one of our promotions you will generate a significant number of qualified leads
  • An explosion in social media engagement – We’ve had results that have seen an increase of over 2000% increased engagement.
  • Boosted brand awareness – that increase of qualified leads and social media engagement means that your brand (and products/services) have increased dramatically
  • An Increase of brand reputation – when our partners (and yours) promote your business it means that they are giving your organization a credibility boost thus increasing your reputation.

With such a significant return on your investment, you owe it to yourself to become a member of the Growphasis digital marketing network.

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