I have been involved in social media management since long before Facebook. I’ve seen the rise and fall of seemingly countless platforms. Each platform has significant differences and nuances. What will work on one does not always perform well on another. Therefore, it is always important to understand what makes each individual platform tick. This is something that is difficult to understand and something that most users never will. Consequently, when it comes to business to succeed you need social media management. It should never be a case of whether you can afford it. Rather, it is a case of you being unable to do without it.

Social Media: A Common Mistake


Fortunately, an ever-increasing number of organizations understand that they need a social media presence. This is without a shadow of a doubt a step in the right direction. Sadly, too many go about finding the wrong solution.

Many believe that to succeed on social media all you need to do is hire a young, energetic, whippersnapper. After all, they use social media more than anyone else. Right? They communicate with their friends, their family, etc, etc. Unfortunately, those companies couldn’t be any more wrong. There is a gulf between using social media as a means of communication and using it as a marketing tool.

The result of this solution is much poorer than expected results at a far too great of a cost. Thankfully, there are organizations, such as Growphasis, who specializes in social media management. We have a deep understanding of all platforms and of the social media tools and software designed to manage it. Furthermore, we’re able to maximize your results at a fraction of the cost of hiring an inexperienced permanent employee.

Social Media Management platforms

You need specialists who understand all platforms

The Benefits of Hiring Specialists for Social Media Management


It’s very well documented what the benefits of using social media as part of your marketing are. For example, Hootsuite outlines these benefits as follows;


  • Gain valuable customer insights
  • Increase brand awareness and loyalty
  • Run targeted ads with real-time results
  • Generate higher converting leads
  • Provide rich customer experiences
  • Increase website traffic and search ranking
  • Find out what your competitors are doing
  • Share content faster and easier
  • Geotarget content
  • Build relationships
social media management key success

Let social media be a key to your success

However, what is less documented is why you would invest in specialists to manage your social media.

In our opinion, there is a multitude of reasons. Here are the ones that I believe are most important to you:

Demonstrated Knowledge and Expertise


Organizations that specialize in social media have a deeper understanding of how it all works. This is because we’ve made it our business to follow the trends and to stay on the cutting edge. We possess an understanding of every platform.

We’ve found that it is important to listen to your objectives and to work with you on achieving them. This comes from experience. Whenever something happens we understand why. It’s very difficult to predict something as constantly changing as social media. It comes with expertise, with love, and with hard work. This is what social media management specialists have in spades.

Improve Your Time Management


We believe that your time is your money. By hiring a social media specialist, you will improve your time management. Instead of focusing on social media tasks you can focus your energy on reaping rewards elsewhere. Additionally, great social media makes you busier converting all the leads that it generates. Would you rather invest time in converting leads or time fumbling about and potentially losing them?

It Saves AND Makes You Money


Most organizations have three options.

  1. Do it yourself and lose out on making money elsewhere due to the commitments required
  2. You can hire a social media manager who will, likely, not have a proven track record (social media management companies hire the best of the best!). Further, you must consider the additional expenses that hiring an employee brings
  3. You can outsource and hire a proven social media management specialist such as Growphasis at fraction of the cost of hiring your own employee and a history of success

Is it not easy to see how you are saving money with the third option?

By hiring Growphasis you get a specialist team that understands the responsibilities at hand. Consequently, you’re not only going to be saving money, but you’ll be making it as well. By hiring Growphasis, we will generate new leads. We will play a hand in shaping your other marketing decisions and objectives. Ultimately, we will transform your company and help you to achieve your growth goals.

Social media management can be your money maker

Social media management can be your money maker


If you’re looking to succeed on social media like you never have before then give us a call. We provide the experience, expertise, and dedication your organization requires. We’re more than happy to assist you. Take advantage of our free, no obligation, consultation!

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