In yesterday’s blog, I explained the need for professional copywriters. Similarly, today I will explain you should hire a professional writer. Because I am a long time writer I understand that this is a service that not many people understand is as necessary as it is. Consequently, I am passionate about writing to you today about why I believe you should always work with a professional. I hope to give you a greater appreciation of the value of professional writers.

Why Hire a Professional Writer?

There are many reasons why you would hire a professional writer. It does not matter what the task is.

Pros Have the Experience

Have you ever had a writing task and not known where to begin? This is something that all writers have experienced. As a matter of fact, even pros experience this from time to time. However, the difference between a pro and an amateur is that we have developed the skills to overcome this. And to think that this is only the beginning of a project! In other words, when you need a job done from start to finish pros have the experience to get the job done.

Additionally, we have the experience to get the job done right. Occasionally, this process takes time. Instead of rushing to complete a job we have well developed time management skills. Consequently, professional writers know how to allocate our time to meet specific deadlines throughout the project. This is of great importance because a good reader knows where a text fails. This usually happens when a writer hasn’t allocated enough time in a phase of the writing. A writing task is never as simple as putting pen to paper.

Professional Writer - experience matters

Experience matters

A Professional Writer Understands Audiences

Understanding the audience is a crucial part of writing. A professional writer understands your audience.

Why does audience matter so much? It matters because it determines the type of language and tone that is used. For example, a corporate document may have different audiences. First, it may be the public. If this is the case, the public will not understand jargon they are not familiar with. Therefore, your professional writer will use basic language. This will enable them to comprehend the text. Secondly, the target may be your staff. If this is the case, a professional writer will use insider terminology. Finally, the target may be other companies within the industry. In this event, we will know it is acceptable to use industry-wide jargon as it will be understandable.

At the end of the day, we have a strong understanding of audiences. We will make the necessary adjustments in the text to achieve maximum engagement.

Professional Writer - audience

A professional writer knows your audience

Pros Create Unique Content

If you discovered this blog through Google, hello! I bet there are lots of blogs based on this subject. I am happy that you found us as a result of our great search engine optimization (SEO)! Because of the amount of content on this topic you can visualize how easy it is to copy someone else’s work. A responsibility of a professional writer is to avoid this scenario. Not only is it messy but it may be illegal!

You can trust professional writers to create unique content.  Therefore, when you put your writing task into the hands of a professional you don’t need to concern yourself with copyright laws.  This is because our credibility is on the line. We have forged careers on creating fantastic content that is uniquely our own. Consequently, our ethical standards are important and represent a stamp of who we are.

Professional Writer - Unique

Don’t worry about copyright, be happy with unique content

We Help You Develop Your Vision

You never enter a writing task without a vision or a purpose. However, it’s not always crystal clear. This is likely because it isn’t as fleshed out as it should be. Consequently, I have some great news for you. We’re there to help. One of the responsibilities of a professional writer is to develop your vision. Before we begin any project we will sit down with you for a consultation. We will discuss your ideas and what you want and what you don’t. Ultimately, we will build a relationship so that the end result is exactly what you need.

This may sound simple. However, I can guarantee you that it takes hard work and experience. You’re every bit our audience as much as the text has its own.  This relationship is something you likely will not have with an amateur. If you’re ready to feel valued by a professional then contact us and we’ll make you our priority.

Professional Writer - Relationship

We value our relationship with you

A Professional Writer Saves You Time and Money

Can you utilize your time better than writing that document? Would you make more money completing other tasks? If you answered yes to either question then it’s time to use a professional writer. The bottom line is by putting your work in the hand of a professional you will save time and money.

Unfortunately, people often fail to use a professional because of the cost involved. However, they often overlook the reality. In contrast to the minimal hiring expenses, you could make better use of your time. Additionally, you could even make more money with those other alternatives. Of course, a professional writer will also do a better job than an amateur. If you’re ready to make smarter business decisions then you should hire a pro!

Professional Writer - Time is Money

Hiring a pro lets you make the most of your time


Growphasis is proud to have access to some of the most experienced professional writers in Australia. Our team produces texts for a wide range of needs and industries. If you have a writing task that you need to complete we’ll be happy to work with you. There is no task that is too big or too small. We will work with you every step of the way. Therefore, we will tailor a professional solution to fit your needs.

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