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The first of its kind Growphasis Digital Networking program is a lead generating machine. By joining the program your business will skyrocket by:

  • Generating qualified leads
  • Increase followers, fans and likes across your social media channels
  • Increase brand awareness locally, nationally and internationally
  • Improve brand reputationAs a result, we stand by our guarantee that the Growphasis Digital Networking program is the ultimate way to grow your business connections

A business network helps each member further their business interests and relationships. As a result of technological advances, we have taken this action to the digital age and put it online. Therefore, being a member of the Growphasis Digital Network, you can expect to see much greater gains than you would in a traditional setting. Ultimately, this makes our offering truly cost effective and result generating.

Growphasis works with hundreds of organizations of significant reach. Collectively, these organizations have millions of followers, likers and fans across their social media channels. The relationships that we have worked hard to cultivate continue growing in strength. As such, we remain committed to working with all of our members and improving each other’s reputation and brand awareness while generating genuine leads.

  • Your own unique page on our website (your choice of listed or unlisted)
  • To be promoted statewide, nationally and internationally
  • To be promoted within your wider industry
  • Multiple monthly social media promotions
  • Invitation to our exclusive digital networking groups
  • Weekly campaigns
  • Monthly joint promotions
  • Featured within our newsletter (weekly)Plus, the ability to be featured in other areas including:
  • Partner social media channel promotions
  • Shared content
  • Unique content
  • Partnerships with other organizations
  • Membership into our part our coupon program
  • Opportunity to become part of our discounts program
  • Participate in our our sponsored competitions and giveaways
  • A public contributor to Growphasis philanthropic endeavors
  • Discounts on our other services
  • Contact Growphasis today and purchase a year’s subscription to our digital networking program and get a quarter of a year for free. That’s a $600 saving!

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