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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social platforms hold the key to transforming the way in which you and your organization are viewed online. It has been proven that the overwhelming majority of people use social media. It is one of the few methods that you have to control the message that your customers receive. Consequently, social media management has become an extremely important business practice.

With Growphasis social media management services we are able to lead your organization to achieve maximum results.

The social media manager is the individual or team within an organization that you can entrust with the job of monitoring, contributing to, filtering, measuring and otherwise guiding the social media presence of a brand, product, individual or corporation.

These individuals or teams are highly trained professionals who specialize in achieving the best possible results for the organization. At Growphasis we believe that we have the most qualified individuals in Australia to successfully guide you. We have achieved results for many companies around the world from a variety of different industries.

By putting your organization’s social media into Growphasis’ able hands you will:

  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Increase brand recognition
  • Convert prospects into genuine customers
  • Decrease marketing costs
  • Increase your web traffic
  • Enjoy successful viral marketing campaigns
  • Initial consultation
  • Open and establish your social media accounts and populate them with all of your important organizational details
  • Conversion of a personal profile into your business page
  • Removal of all rogue pages
  • Select, resize, and upload of suitable cover photos and profile images
  • Create albums, select and upload business-related photos and videos
  • Create a spreadsheet of all of your clients and vendors names and email addresses
  • The scheduling of a branded email blast to target fans and likes
  • Integrated like and follow buttons into your websites, blogs, email signatures, etc.
  • Develop personalized content posting strategies to maximize effectiveness and performance
  • Schedule new content post 5-days-a-week (e.g. Monday to Friday)
  • Comment and inbox management
  • Timely response to all comments, posts, likes, and mentions as required
  • Platform monitoring
  • Active networking
  • Monthly reports and audits
  • Induction into our exclusive Growphasis members program where you can save up to 90% on our professional services
  • Ongoing service support
  • The potential to purchase social media advertising that achieves the desired results
  • Discounts on other Growphasis services
  • Additional social media management services are available (please inquire)

In addition to our big Web Design deal, Growphasis are proud to offer:

  • Purchase a 2-or-more social media platform subscription and receive an additional platform for free
  • Receive a 20% discount when purchasing an annual Social Media Management subscription

Growth Hacking

It’s important to have a large social media audience to develop your social media. While our management will raise your numbers it will rise a lot quicker with our growth hacking program. We can aim a component of our program to be targeted directly towards raising your numbers on specific platforms.

Digital Networking

Our digital networking and social media management programs work hand-in-hand. This is because we can push your social media towards our shared network of partners. In turn, they will help drive traffic to your social media channels who will then become aware of the messages that we are driving for your organization. This leads to an increase in genuine leads.

Web Design

There’s nothing better for consumers than seeing a consistent continuation of messages across multiple channels and platforms. By taking advantage of our web design package we will ensure that the high-quality consistency that we achieve is seen throughout all of your Internet channels.

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